Wedding Insurance Tips

InsuraWedding's Wedding Insurance Tips

Why Choose InsuraWedding?

After spending the time organising, booking and planning your dream day, it is important to make sure you purchase a Wedding Insurance policy which meets your needs and will cover as many aspects of your wedding as possible.

InsuraWedding offers 6 levels of Wedding Insurance cover, along with optional extras that can be used to “extend” your policy for additional cover. This gives the ability to tailor your insurance policy to meet your needs and ensure that you are properly insured for your big day, giving you peace of mind.


Make sure you select a Wedding Insurance policy that covers the full cost of your wedding. If you are in the unfortunate position where you do have to cancel your Wedding for an insured reason, the last thing you would want is to be unable to recoup the full cost of your wedding. For instance, if you purchased a Tier 1 InsuraWedding policy that included £3,500 Cancellation cover, but your wedding actually ended up costing £5,000, you would never be able to receive the full amount of your wedding even if your claim is successful. In fact you would only be able to receive a maximum of £3,500, which would be £1,500 less than the overall cost of your wedding. 

If you have purchased a policy with InsuraWedding already and your wedding has ended up costing more than the Cancellation cover listed in your schedule of benefits and you need to upgrade your policy, please contact us on 01483 806 828 and one of our friendly customer services team will be happy to help!  

Additional Cover Options

We offer fantastic Options that can be added onto your wedding policy for additional cover. These options offer cover for specific areas of your wedding and are shown below:

These options offer fantastic flexibility - allowing you to add the cover that you need, to your wedding policy.

To view more information on our Optional Covers, click here.