Has your flight been cancelled? You aren’t alone.

Posted in General on 17 October 2017

Has your flight been cancelled?
You aren’t alone.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a whopping 46,298 flights have already been cancelled this year… and this figure only represents the top ten major airlines in America.

October 2017

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The outlook for British travellers is also lacking optimism, with Monarch Airlines ceasing trading and entering administration, Ryanair announcing further flight cancellations this week and Thomas Cook UK Airlines pilots recently striking over disputes regarding pay.

So, what exactly are passengers supposed to do if their flight is cancelled?

Good question.

If you are travelling to or from an EU-based airport, or using an EU-airline and your flight is cancelled, your airline must offer you either a refund in full, or arrange to rebook your flight under the individual airlines rebooking policy. Interestingly, if your flight is delayed by three hours or more, you are legally entitled to receive the same compensation as those people whose flights have been cancelled.

However, be aware that an airline is not legally obliged to provide compensation if the cause of the cancellation is due to something out of their control, such as an earthquake, strike or supplier insolvency. Although the airline will not compensate you for ‘extraordinary circumstances’, you may find that cover has been provided by your travel insurance policy, if you have one.

Be aware that if you booked your flights independently and decide to accept a refund from an airline, they are no longer obliged to look after you or assist with any of your additional onward travel plans.




What if my airline leaves me stranded?

If your airline leaves you high and dry due to a cancelled flight, you will likely be entitled to a welfare package.

If you are flying from an EU-based airport or using an EU-airline, food and accommodation will be paid for, within reason. If you are using services that are neither based-in, or travelling-to the EU, then the amount of help your airline will provide you with depends entirely on that airlines policy.

In both cases, any help provided may be paid for directly by the airline itself, or you may be expected to pay for it yourself, with the understanding that you will later be reimbursed. Either way, consult with your airline first as to what they will and won’t pay for, and ensure you keep copies of all receipts in case you later rely on these to get your money back.

What if my cancelled flight was part of a package holiday?

Good news! If you have booked flights as part of a package holiday arranged through a UK ATOL branded Tour Operator, then your entire holiday will be ATOL protected and your tour operator will look after you. The outcome of the cancelled flight will vary depending on whether the flight is inbound or outbound, and whether there are other available flights to carry passengers onward to the planned destination. You should receive an ATOL certificate along with your confirmation documents.

The key thing to remember with package holidays is that you should not make any travel arrangements yourself, as your tour operator will make the arrangements for you. To find out what those arrangements are, contact them (if they have not contacted you already).

Is there a time limit on which I can claim compensation directly from an airline?

Yes! Six years.

I booked flights with Monarch… What should I do?

Monarch Airlines has ceased trading and entered administration, meaning all future holidays and flights provided by the following companies have been cancelled, effective as of 2nd October 2017:

  • Monarch Airlines Ltd
  • Monarch Holidays
  • First Aviation Ltd
  • Avro Ltd
  • Somewhere2stay Ltd

If you have booked any travel arrangements using one of these companies, whether you are yet to depart or have already travelled, please visit the following website for information and advice from the Civil Aviation Authority: https://monarch.caa.co.uk/

I booked flights with Ryanair… What should I do?

If you are travelling with Ryanair at any point up until March 2018, your flight may be cancelled, either due to staffing issues or if your trip is unfortunate to be using one of Ryanair’s suspended routes, as of November 2017.

So far, we know the following:

  • You should be given notice directly from Ryanair if your flight is cancelled, between 6 to 48 hours before your flight is due to take-off. Your notice will be given via email, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam/junk folders.
  • Ryanair have been publishing notice of flights that are going to be cancelled in advance online. Keep checking online to prevent any nasty surprises.
  • If your flight is cancelled, Ryanair will offer either a full refund, or the option to change your flight (subject to availability).

Entitlement to compensation is dependent on how much notice you were given, as well as whether you were offered alternative flights.

For further information and advice, visit the Ryanair website: www.ryanair.com

I’m an InsuraTrip Travel Insurance Customer and my flight has been cancelled, what should I do?

  • Contact your airline – depending on the cause of the cancellation, they may be offering refunds, seats on alternative flights, compensation or welfare packages.
  • If you paid for your flights independently using either a Credit Card (over £100) or Paypal, check with your provider to see if they can reclaim the cost on your behalf, as depending on the situation you may have legal protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Similarly, if you paid for your flights using a debit card you may be able to make a claim for a refund under a voluntary scheme called ‘chargeback’. You should speak with your bank or provider for further details.
  • Check your Policy Certificate, Schedule of Cover and the Policy Wording to see what you are covered for and whether you are eligible to make a Claim.

Remember, our Customer Services Team are here to help. Our Team are not able to submit a Claim on your behalf and cannot guarantee the outcome of a Claim; however, they can run through the details of your policy with you, upon request.

If you would like to make a Claim on an InsuraTrip Policy, find all the essential contact details here: http://insuratrip.com/make-a-claim

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