£2 Million Public Liability Cover as Standard on Every Policy

Great value for money Wedding insurance with 6 levels of cover for you to choose from, InsuraWedding is suitable for almost all budgets.

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Optional Public Liability Cover

£2 Million Public Liability Cover as Standard on Every Policy

Choosing the right wedding venue for your wedding or civil ceremony to take place is an important decision, as it sets the atmosphere for your big day! However, accidents may occur such as accidentally breaking an expensive vase or damaging rugs or walls at the wedding venue.

There would be nothing worse than not only the accident having made your special day less joyful, but also ending up being sued for damages by the venue. As such, it 's always sensible to have Public Liability cover in place, even if it isn't a requirement of your venue, just in case something such as this occurs and then you won't be the one left to cover the cost.

This is where InsuraWedding Wedding Insurance with Public Liability Cover comes in! All InsuraWedding policies offer £2 Million of Public Liability insurance cover for the Marrying Couple as standard for all of levels of cover!

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Why Do I Need Public Liability Insurance For My Wedding?

Before we explain why you need public liability for your wedding, it's important to understand what public liability cover is. Public liability wedding insurance is there to financially protect you should a 3rd party be accidentally injured, or their property accidentally damaged by you, and they sue you for damages.

You may have already found that many wedding Venues insist that you have Public Liability cover just in case there is any accidental damage or loss caused by the Marrying Couple, or their guests. If you don't have Public Liability Insurance in place, your dream wedding venue may decline to host your big day.

Whilst it's not a legal requirement for you to get Public Liability cover for your wedding, if your venue says you need to have it in place, as part of their terms and conditions, it would be best for you to ensure your wedding insurance policy has public liability cover.

For peace of mind on your special day, take out an InsuraWedding Wedding Insurance policy today and benefit from Public Liability cover for the Marrying Couple included as standard! Click the link below to get a quote today:


What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability insurance is there to protect you in situations such as but not limited to:

  • Accidental damage to the wedding venue, e.g. if the marrying couple accidentally spills red wine over an expensive carpet or rug
  • Negligence by the marrying couple, for example, if the marrying couple accidently spill hot coffee over a guest leading to an injury
  • Damage to equipment such as DJ’s speakers or PA system, caused by the marrying couple

If you'd like your Wedding Guests to have liability cover as well, then we can do that too! We offer you an optional policy add-on to extend Public Liability cover to include your guests! By adding our Public Liability extension for your Wedding Guests to your standard wedding insurance policy, your guests will also have Public Liability cover for up to £2 Million.

For your wedding guests to benefit from Public Liability cover up to £2 Million, simply select this option in the quote process, and pay the appropriate additional premium. This policy extension is available on all levels of cover.


Other Policy Options Available?

If you're planning to hire a wedding marquee for your big day, you'll need to add the Marquee cover option to your policy to get £20,000 of cover with a marquee hire period of 3 days.

If you're looking for financial protection in case you need to cancel or rearrange the wedding, due to the bride or groom having tested positive for COVID-19. We can also provide a Wedding Insurance Covid Cover option to add to your InsuraWedding policy.

To add our options to your InsuraWedding Wedding Insurance policy, by select the option you need in the quote process and pay the appropriate additional premium.


Why Choose InsuraWedding?

It’s simple, we want to make buying Wedding Insurance easy and accessible for everyone. Plus, our policies offer cover for the following areas:

  • Public Liability for the Marrying Couple – up to £2,000,000
  • Cancellation Cover - up to £15,000
  • Financial Failure of Service Suppliers – up to £6,500
  • Wedding Gifts - up to £6,000
  • Cars & Transport - up to £6,500
  • Photography & Video – up to £6,500
  • Personal Accident – up to £15,000
  • Legal Expenses – up to £9,000
  • Ceremonial Attire – up to £6,500
  • Rings, Flowers, Attendants Gifts & the Wedding Cake – up to £6,000
  • Optional Policy add ons including Public Liability Extension for Wedding Guests, Optional Marquee Cover, and Optional Coronavirus Cover
More InsuraWedding Details

At InsuraWedding, we don’t want you to have to worry about ‘industry jargon’ and we also don’t want you paying a fortune!

We believe anyone and everyone should be able to understand exactly what they are and are not covered for on their policy. By doing this, we hope to make choosing the right Wedding Insurance product for you and your needs easier than ever before!

Whether it’s Cancellation Cover, Public Liability, or cover for Cars & Transport, you should know the things you are covered for and just as importantly, things you aren’t covered for, which is exactly what we aim to do here at InsuraWedding.

Our policies cover Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions taking place in the UK, so long as the 2 events take place no more than 21 days apart. What’s more, you can purchase an InsuraWedding policy up to 2 years before your scheduled ceremony date and any deposits paid prior to purchasing an InsuraWedding policy will also be covered!