Preparing Your Property For Autumn

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With Autumn coming upon us, the rain becomes more prominent, the warm sunshine slowly begins to disappear and the evenings begin to draw-in, making the nights seem longer.

Just as you will be preparing for the wet and cold months ahead by wrapping up warm, your home needs the same care and attention too. InsuraHome Home Insurance present 5 simple suggestions on preparing your property for the wet and windy season of Autumn.


A good place to start on your mission on preparing your property for Autumn is with your guttering.

It’s very easy for your gutters to get clogged or even blocked with leaves and other debris, but that doesn’t pose much of a threat during the summer months. However, when we experience rain and wind, it can cause structural issues, damp and leaking.

You can check the guttering yourself, but it is always wise to bring in a professional whom may be able to spot something that you may miss. Also, whilst they are checking your gutters, ask to check your roof tiles too. If a roof tile is loose, it could cause a leak or become dislodged and fall during windy weather which could cause damage to your property or worse, someone else’s!

Raking leaves

Clear out the garden and check the fences

During the Autumn and Winter months your garden and its contents are going to be exposed to the elements, so you need to consider what items should be sheltered.

Also, it is also worth considering some extra protection or security for larger items. When the wind begins to pick up, these large items could be moved and may end up doing some serious and costly damage to your or neighbouring properties.

Ensure to check the state and stability of your fences too. Your fences act like wind blockers which naturally, take most of the force from the wind. After time, they can become warn down and / or have moved in the ground making them looser, less effective and more prone to breaking.

Boilers and Radiators

Checking that your Boiler and Radiators are functioning correctly now before the weather gets too cold can help flag any potential problems that could affect you later down the line.

Test your radiators by bleeding them as they may not have been used for a few months and have them on intermittently for a few weeks leading up to Autumn and Winter.

Get your boiler serviced or inspected too by a registered Gas Safe engineer as a boiler breakdown during the colder months can be a frustrating and costly experience. Remember to book in early for your inspection or service as engineers become very busy this time of year.

Also, it’s worth remembering that a healthy or well-maintained boiler often uses less fuel, so keeping on top of your boiler inspections will not only help you avoid a nasty situation but could save you money too.

Hand open white plastic pvc window at home

Windows and Doors

During the summer months you may have noticed that your windows and doors became stiff or you may have had difficulty closing them properly. While this is a natural occurrence with uPVC and your windows and doors may settle each day once the temperature cools, sometimes it can cause slight damage.

However, this is an easy fix. Inspect and repair any loose or damaged window or door frames by installing weather stripping or caulking to prevent drafts. This may help lower your energy bills too!

Plumber using a wrench to tighten a siphon under a sink.


Colder temperatures can lead to your pipes freezing which can prevent the flow of water around your home. This could potentially lead to flooding when your pipes thaw or could lead to them bursting, both causing costly damage to your home.

To be prepared for these theoretical tragedies, one fundamental check is to make sure the stopcock is working so the water supply can be turned off if required.

Along with the above, ensure that your pipes, especially any in the loft are insulated properly to help prevent freezing and to double check that they’re not blocked at any point.

Don’t forget your InsuraHome Home Insurance

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