Where to go, What to do and What you need to remember when travelling this Easter.

Staycation Edition

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Even though travel restrictions for the UK officially ended on the 18th of March 2022, you may still be slightly nervous about travelling even if you do want to enjoy a holiday (or two!). Especially as after 2 years of potentially not travelling you may not know where to go on holiday? You may not know what you want to do whilst you’re away? And plus, you need to think about the possibility that other countries may still have travel restrictions in place. With all this going on, why not think about a staycation? Here at InsuraTrip we’ve got you covered whether you choose to go abroad or stay in the UK, as we have all the information you need for travelling this Easter.

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Staycation options

If you’re still not ready to travel abroad yet, then why not look closer to home and see what the UK has to offer. The UK has some beautiful natural holiday spots that you may never have seen before or maybe haven’t even heard of…

Cornwall and Devon

A couple of places you will have definitely heard of are Cornwall and Devon. Down on the South Coast, these two places offer you similar experiences. Both offering beautiful walks and stunning coastlines as well as some great pubs to enjoy classic British cuisine. If you are visiting Devon, be sure to take advantage of Dartmoor, one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK. In terms of food, you’ll see more Cornish Pasties in Cornwall… given the clue in the name, and some great seafood in both destinations. In Cornwall you’ll also find good surfing conditions, which you can check daily on the local tv weather channels, more beaches and attractions such as Padstow Harbour, The Eden Project and Land’s End, the most southernly point in the UK.

Peak District and Lake District

If the south isn’t your thing or is a bit too far to drive, then why not look north where you’ll find the Peak and Lake Districts which offer incredible views and tonnes of activities. Just outside Manchester, the Peak District offers so many amazing viewpoints and natural wonders to admire. Plus, with loads of activities to sink your teeth into, such as climbing, caving and water sports, you certainly won’t get bored on your UK adventure! If you travel even further north to the Lake District, you’ll find large waterways which you can travel on, just hire a boat and off you go! Equally, there’s plenty of hills and mountains to climb, paths to walk or cycle and you can enjoy the stars after sunset in one of the darkest places in the UK.

Centre Parcs

If neither of these floats your boat, maybe because you’ve got young kids, or you don’t want to travel quite that far, then why not consider Centre Parcs. Perfect for families as there’s so much on offer that there’s always something to do! Likewise, if you were hoping for a relaxing week away then you can enjoy the spa facilities on offer or you can always relax in your cabin. Whatever the reason for your holiday, you’ll definitely be catered for, and with 5 parcs across the UK, you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you.


Although not technically a staycation but still kind of a staycation, Edinburgh, Scotland, is an amazing place to stay. Without travelling too far out of the city, you can take a walk up to Arthur’s seat and get incredible views of Edinburgh or take a trip into the old town and take a tour of Edinburgh Castle. Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Take the Hogwarts Express tour that leaves from the city and travel the iconic rail route that Harry himself took on his first trip to Hogwarts although we can’t promise that any chocolate frogs will come to life on this trip!

We hope wherever you choose to go and whatever you decide to do, that you have a fantastic Easter and enjoy finally being able to travel again!


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