Why Choose InsuraHome Home Insurance?

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InsuraHome Home Insurance offers a number of unique and specialist Home Insurance products. If you have found it difficult to arrange Home Insurance online or from a comparison site, the chances are we can help!

From Unoccupied Home Insurance, Landlord Insurance, UK and European Holiday Home Insurance, to customers with adverse personal circumstances such as County Court Judgements or Claims History that may have been declined elsewhere.

Similarly, through our InsuraHome sister brand, Fresh Start Home Insurance, we are able to serve homeowners or any of their household occupants such as a son or daughter that have unspent criminal convictions to ensure that they and their home receive the cover they need. Most standard Home Insurance policies will not cover you or your home if an occupant have an unspent criminal conviction.

InsuraHome Home Insurance provides a quick, simple and affordable solution for customers that may have been turned down in the past and can even offer Home Insurance products many other companies are unable to. For example:

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Unoccupied Home Insurance

It is likely that a home insurance policy may become invalid for any perils if the owner has been absent from the property for over 30 days, for example, due to probate or a long period working or travelling overseas. However, InsuraHome Home Insurance can provide homeowners flexible periods of cover for up to 90 days, 180 days, 270 days or even Annual cover for their unoccupied property. So, whether you have a second home, a holiday home or have just inherited a property that is unoccupied, you can rest assured that InsuraHome may be able to serve your individual needs.

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Personal Circumstances Home Insurance

Unfortunately, some people may find it difficult to find a Home Insurance policy that meets their needs due to personal circumstances such as having a bad credit history, has been declared bankrupt or has previously received a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

’Standard’ Home Insurance providers will often refuse to insure these individuals due to a perceived increased risk, however, InsuraHome Home Insurancecan provide a discreet and judgement free, professional and helpful service for a wide range of adverse personal circumstances that can be accepted.

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Fresh Start Home Insurance

There are currently 735,000 People in the UK with an unspent criminal conviction (UNLOCK, 2019) with all of these people or their family members needing suitable, dedicated Home Insurance as their ’Standard’ Home Insurance policy will often be invalid due to the criminal conviction.

This is something that is often forgotten about or missed when purchasing a home insurance policy and there is usually an ongoing duty to inform insurers of changes to circumstances. It also usually applies if there is another occupant such as a family member in the home with an unspent criminal conviction.

Fresh Start Home Insurance provides just that; a Fresh Start for clients with criminal convictions needing home and contents insurance that have found it difficult to find. At Fresh Start Home Insurance we pride ourselves on providing a fast, professional, personable and discreet service.

Fresh Start works in conjunction with HM Prisons, Probation Services and UNLOCK charity to increase the awareness of the need for home insurance and the difficulties that can arise.

Get covered with InsuraHome Home Insurance

At InsuraHome Home Insurance, we understand how important it is to guard your home from the unexpected. To get an InsuraHome Home Insurance quote, call us on 01483 806 815 or visit our website at www.insurahome.co.uk to download and complete an online home Insurance quote proposal form and application form and simply send it to us – we’ll do the rest to get you a Home Insurance quote!

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording here for the latest policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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