Why you need Home Insurance for your unoccupied property

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InsuraHome Home Insurance explains in 5 quick and easy steps why you need home insurance for your unoccupied property.

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Many standard home insurance policies will generally only offer protection for your property if it is unoccupied for 30 consecutive days or less. If you are away for a longer period, then your home insurance policy becomes invalid. Meaning, if something went wrong and you needed to claim, that claim could be declined and you would be left out of pocket. If you’re aware that you’re going to be away for longer, then InsuraHome’s Unoccupied Home Insurance can offer the added protection and peace of mind that whilst you are away, your property will still be covered for perils such as fire, subsidence, earthquakes and more!

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Theft and Vandalism

Thieves, vandals and even squatters more often than not, target properties that are unoccupied. With InsuraHome Home Insurance should the unforeseen happen such as the above whilst your property is unoccupied, you can still be protected from vandalism and malicious damage to your home with Buildings and Contents cover.

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Legal Expenses

Legal expenses are included as standard with InsuraHome’s unoccupied home insurance. This offers protection against property damage, personal identity theft and also provides cover against injury to domestic staff working at the property whilst it is unoccupied. InsuraHome Home Insurance also provides public legal liability in the event an accident at the premises leaves a member of the public with a bodily injury.

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Damage to services

It can be a nightmare to discover that your property is leaking water, gas, oil or another substance from underground pipework whether you live in your property or not and could end up being quite a costly repair. Especially if you are not there whilst the damage is occurring.

InsuraHome’s unoccupied home insurance still offers the vital protection against accidental damage to those underground pipes and cables to the property which you are legally responsible for.

Home Insurance needs

With InsuraHome’s unoccupied home insurance you are able to select from 3 different cover levels and choose a policy type that is suited to your individual needs, lifestyle and budget. Offering Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of cover, each provide different features and benefits enabling you to make the right choice when purchasing your unoccupied home insurance.

Don’t forget your InsuraHome Home Insurance

At InsuraHome Home Insurance, we understand how important it is to guard your home from the unexpected. To get an InsuraHome Home Insurance quote, call us on 01483 806 815 or visit our website at www.insurahome.co.uk to download and complete an online home Insurance quote proposal form and application form and simply send it to us – we’ll do the rest to get you a Home Insurance quote!

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording here for the latest policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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