5 InsuraTrip Travel Insurance facts you need to know before you go on holiday!

Posted in General on 22 December 2020

5 InsuraTrip Travel Insurance facts you need to know before you go on holiday!

While it is vital to purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your trip and definitely before you travel, many travellers neglect to read their policy wording and sections of cover detailing what is included and excluded in their travel insurance policy. This leads to many being unaware of what they’re exactly covered for (or not!) whilst they are away.

At InsuraTrip Travel Insurance, we believe in giving you the information you need and that’s why we have highlighted 5 policy terms, conditions and exclusions you need to be aware of before you purchase your InsuraTrip Travel Insurance policy and before you travel.


(1) Travelling against the advice of your doctor or medical professional

The thought of having to cancel your holiday due to sickness or injury may be a massive inconvenience but it is safer to do so than risking your health for the sake of going abroad for a short time. Not to mention that it is likely to be covered by your cancellation clause if the reason your cancelling is unforeseen. However, if you were to go on holiday against the advice of your GP or other medical professional, if you were to injure yourself or need to make a claim for any unforeseen reason, your travel insurance policy would likely be in-valid and any costs incurred would be solely your responsibility.

It is also worth noting that if you do have to cancel, as stated in your policy wording, you may be liable to pay an excess charge of up to £195 per claimant depending on your policy level chosen at the time of purchase.

An excess is your contribution you are required to pay towards a claim you make on your travel insurance policy. Each level of travel insurance cover offers a different excess amount and InsuraTrip even offer the option of an excess waiver where for an additional cost, the excess can be reduced to £0.

For any type of claim, please check the excess charge relevant to that section of cover.

(2) Being drunk or using non-prescription drugs

It may surprise you to learn that alcohol and drugs can invalidate your travel insurance policy too.

If your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.19% (roughly 4 pints or four 175ml glasses of wine) and you were to make a claim for loss of passport and travel documents, emergency medical expenses, missed departure and many other sections of your travel insurance cover,  it may be declined due to your inebriated state where you would not be in a stable frame of mind to make sensible decisions or keep yourself out of harms way where a loss might be affected which may or may not have affected your reason to claim.

The above also applies to any use of illegal and non-prescription drugs.

(3) Claims that are due to any failure (including financial) of your travel agent or tour operator

If the departure of your international flight, train or sailing is delayed on your outbound journey for more than 12 hours from its scheduled departure time then you can make a claim for this under your InsuraTrip travel insurance policy. However, if the delay is less than 12 hours, on your return journey back to your home country or your tour operator has failed financially or has breached their contract with you in terms of what is included in your travel itinerary or package, you would need to take this up with them directly.

When booking your trip, make sure you use an ATOL or ABTA backed agent.

ATOL protection means that your holiday is protected and ensures you do not lose money or become stranded abroad if your ATOL Tour Operator collapses. ABTA also provides financial protection for package holidays that have been sold in the EEA.

(4) Travelling against the advice or recommendation published by the UK FCO at the time of your departure or purchase your policy

This is a very common clause in almost every ‘standard’ or ‘mainstream’ travel insurance policy.

Your travel insurance policy will not cover you for any claims made if you travel or plan to travel to a country that the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office has advised against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’.

If you still must travel to any of these countries, (check if your destination is on that list at https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice) a specialist travel insurance policy would be the best option instead. For travel insurance to a country that the UK FCO has advised ‘against all’ or ‘all but essential travel’ Visit High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance here.

(5) If you have a medical condition, it needs to be disclosed

 If you suffer or have suffered with a medical condition within the last 2 years, been treated for any serious or re-occuring condition, are taking regular medication or have been referred to a specialist or consultant for further investigation, diagnosis or treatment, then you need to let us know when you buy your policy!

It is also an ongoing condition of the InsuraTrip travel insurance policy to disclose any change in health, including any change in medication so we can check that insurers are still happy to cover you for your trip and then amend your travel insurance policy to ensure you are a physically and financially covered for your trip should the unforeseen happen.


Get covered with InsuraTrip Travel Insurance

 Wherever you decide to travel on holiday, remember to book your travel insurance with InsuraTrip.com, Offering both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance cover, kids even go free on family policies!

This article is for information purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording for the latest terms, conditions and exclusions.



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