Do I need Travel Insurance? - Before you leave...

Posted in General on 22 December 2020

Do I need Travel Insurance? - Before you leave

In our last article on why travel insurance is so important, we focused on overseas medical costs and how travel insurance can save your wallet and potentially your life in worst case scenarios.

 However, there are so many more valuable benefits to buying travel insurance!

For example, it could save you considerable amounts of money if things should go wrong before you even depart, such as covering costs of holiday cancellation, abandonment, flight delays or missed departure.


However much you may have meticulously planned your holiday, it doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong because of the unexpected. Often people book their holidays months in advance in order to find cheaper flights, hotel deals or to get space in popular destinations before they fill up. However, this does leave a large margin of time for things to go wrong.

The pre-travel cancellation section of the InsuraTrip Travel Insurance Policy means that should you be unable to go on your holiday, you may be covered.

Any number of reasons could cause you to cancel your holiday, and without travel insurance you could lose everything you’ve paid towards it at the point of cancellation.

However, you should always read the policy wording before you buy your policy to ensure it meets your needs.

InsuraTrip Travel Insurance can offer cover for up to £7,500 per insured person for cancellation for a multitude of reasons for both single trip and annual multi-trip. For example, should yourself or your travelling companion become ill, injured or die prior to the start of the trip. The same applies for if you need to return home due to the illness, injury or death of a close relative in your home country, or that of a business associate which requires you return to work early, or the person you’re going to stay with abroad.

Alternatively, we may also be able to cover you if you are required for jury service or as a witness in court or as a member of HM forces required to serve unexpectedly. Furthermore, we may be able to cover you if you or your travelling companion is made redundant in advance of the trip, thus rendering it unfeasible to continue with the trip.

This wide range of reasons to cancel that we can cover means that you can rest assured when booking your trip that there is a wide array of eventualities that you’re covered for, protecting your financial security should something cause you to have to cancel further down the line.

Should this happen, you may be able to claim for your proportion of prepaid transport charges, accommodation, foreign car hire, and prepaid excursions, meaning that you won’t be losing these vast sums should you cancel your holiday.

Travel Delay, Abandonment and Missed Departure

Sometimes you can even get as far as the airport before things go wrong!

We can cover up to £7,500 for trip abandonment, in the event of flight delays at the point of international departure lasting for at least 24 hours causes you to cancel your trip. Or, if your travel is delayed but you do embark on your trip, we can offer up to a total of £200 for travel delay of more than 12 hours. Please note: this only applies to your outbound journey.

We can also cover you for up to £750 if you miss your departure due to the vehicle you are travelling in to your departure point fails, inhibiting your journey, provided you left sufficient time to arrive.

These sorts of eventualities can never be predicted, and that is precisely why travel insurance is so important; covering you against losses for unexpected issues arising in your otherwise water-tight plans.

Get Insured with InsuraTrip Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance policies are available from basic to premium cover levels, are available in single or annual multi-trip cover options, and with optional bolt-ons available, so you can purchase a travel insurance policy that can be suited to both your budget and your trip, for example should you be need winter sports cover, cruise cover and more. 

For such a small sum, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that should something go unexpectedly wrong your financial security is protected with InsuraTrip.

Click here to get your InsuraTrip Travel Insurance quote and buy online.

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording for the latest terms, conditions and exclusions.

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