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Second Home Insurance

Second Home Insurance

If you own a second home, it is very important that you have the correct type of Second Property Insurance cover in place, depending on how you use your second home. If you rent out your second home to long term tenants then you might find our landlords insurance more appropriate for your needs. Similarly if you use your second home as a holiday home then our Home Insurance for Second Homes may be more suitable, especially if you are also doing short term holiday lets. Although Home Insurance for Second Homes is similar to your ‘normal’ home insurance, there are some major and key differences that you should be aware of to help ensure you don’t end up out of pocket should the unexpected happen.

Obtaining suitable Home Insurance for your Second Home is just as vital as the cover you put in place for your main residence. Typically, a ‘standard’ home insurance policy isn’t suitable for a property that isn’t your main residence or family home and this could leave you in difficulties in the event of a claim.

You need a policy that is specifically set up with the way that you use your second property in mind, since you might not always be there or you may be letting out your second home to holidaymakers.

At InsuraHome Home Insurance, we are experts in providing an extensive Second Home Insurance solution for those wanting Home Insurance for their Second Home. Whether your property is due to be empty for 30 days, 60 days or even intermittently between holiday lets, we can help protect your wallet and your peace of mind from the unforeseen and unexpected.

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What is Second Home Insurance?

Second Home Insurance covers the risks you face when owning a second property that isn’t your main residence. In some cases, even your mortgage provider may require you to obtain this specialist kind of cover because second homes can be more susceptible to burglary, vandalism and damage from short term tenants as well as extensive damage from other mishaps due to not being present in the property on a daily basis, such as the escape of water.

Second Home Insurance is different from a ‘standard’ home insurance policy because it specifically covers the risks associated with owning a second property or holiday home. InsuraHome Home Insurance can help provide cover for you and your Second Home from a number of perils such as fire, subsidence, earthquakes and may be able to offer protection where others may have declined in the past.

Second Home Insurance - Available for:

A Second Insurance policy from InsuraHome Home Insurance are available for the following circumstances:

  • Policy applies to short term holiday lettings or;
  • Properties used for own use, or friends & family
  • Policy applicable to properties situated in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands

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Second Home Insurance - What is Covered?

Main Features of InsuraHome Second Home Insurance

The following limits are provided automatically unless a higher limit is requested. To view the full list of cover available, please refer to the Policy Wording.

InsuraHome Second Home Insurance - Buildings Insurance

Cover Limit (£)
Accidental Damage to Fixtures & Fittings Automatically Included
Loss of Rent / Alternative Accommodation 25% of buildings / 24 months
Trace and access Up to £5,000
Replacement Locks Up to £5,000
Theft/Attempted theft by guests/tenants Up to £10,000 any one claim

InsuraHome Second Home Insurance - Contents Insurance

Cover Limit (£)
Accidental Damage to electronic equipment Automatically Included
Guests & Visitors personal effects Up to £1,000 any one claim
Loss of metered water/oil Up to £2,500
Replacement Locks Up to £5,000
Freezer cover Up to £500

InsuraHome Second Home Insurance - Legal Expenses Insurance

Cover Limit (£)
Legal Expenses Automatically Included up to £100,000

InsuraHome Second Home Insurance - Liability Insurance

Cover Limit (£)
Accidents to Domestic Staff £10,000,000
Legal Liability to the Public £5,000,000

And much much more!

Click here to see the full InsuraHome Second Home Insurance Policy Wording for the full summary of buildings and contents covers as well as any optional covers

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Second Home Insurance – FAQs

Can you get insurance for a Second Home?

The simple answer is yes you can get insurance for a second home. Second home insurance covers you when your property is empty for longer than your standard home insurance policy will allow and will also offer protection should you decide to offer short term holiday lets, including Air Bnb.

What counts as a Second Home??

A Second Home is one that you own but is not your permanent residence. Most ‘standard’ home insurance policies will not cover your property for risks associated with a second home, such as if it is left unoccupied for longer than 30-60 days because of the increased risk of theft, vandalism, a burst pipe being undiscovered and more. Therefore, there are specialised non-standard Second Home insurance policies available on the market designed to cover these risks and other specific to owning a second home.

How much does Second Home home insurance cost?

The cost of a second home insurance policy will vary depending on many factors such as the value of the property, condition of the property as well as the location and security of the property as if the property is in an area with a high crime rate then the price of cover is likely to increase. In general, second home insurance will cost more than a standard home insurance policy in terms cost per day of cover due to the additional risks associated with owning a second home.

How do I prepare my second home for winter?

Many second homeowners forget about the obligations they have for looking after their properties during the cold, wet and windy winter period. Many things could potentially go wrong with your property such as burst frozen pipes, flooding, loss of heating, leaky roof and other unexpected surprises. Click here to check out InsuraHome’s 5 easy ways to prepare your property for winter hazards.

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How do I get an InsuraHome Holiday Home Insurance UK Quote?

At InsuraHome Home Insurance we aim to provide you with a first class customer service experience to ensure you are getting the protection you require.

To get an InsuraHome Second Home Insurance quote, click any of the ‘request a quote’ buttons on this page and fill out our short online application form..

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Why Choose InsuraHome Insurance

InsuraHome features a range of great benefits as standard. InsuraHome also features some great add-ons for you to tailor your policy and so you only pay for the additional cover you need.

  • Loss or Damage caused by Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Lightning or Earthquake
  • Loss or Damage caused by Storm, Hail or Weight of Snow
  • Loss or Damage caused by Flood
  • Loss or Damage caused by the escape of water
  • Cover for Theft or Attempted Theft
  • Facility to transfer any no claims history from a previous insurer
  • A choice of policy excess – £100, £250, £500 or £1,000
  • Covers the cost of alternative accommodation if your property is left uninhabitable due to an insured event
  • Cover in case of Subsidence, Heave or Landslip is available
  • Accidental Damage cover is available
  • Online Policy Documentation
  • We don't store credit card details
  • + Lots more
More InsuraHome Details

Here at InsuraHome, we aim to provide cover when other Home Insurers say no!

What's more, we can provide Home Insurance for Home's that do not fall into the criteria to be termed a 'Standard Household'. So whether it's a Holiday Home in Europe, a property that has a non-standard construction type, or you have challenging personal circumstances, we can offer policies to you.

We review each and every application on a personal, case by case basis, customising your specialist Home Insurance to meet your individual needs! Our highly trained Home Insurance specialists will provide you with a fast, friendly, and professional service at competitive pricing.

Please Note - When purchasing Home Insurance you will be required to provide the rebuild cost of your home to the insurers. If you are unsure of your rebuild cost, please either request a rebuild cost assessment from a chartered surveyor or use the Rebuild Cost Calculator below

Rebuild Cost Calculator

House Rebuild Costs

When taking out Home Insurance, you are insuring your house for the cost of rebuilding it to the same standard as it is now, you are not insuring it for its value on the open market. When quoting you for a Home Insurance policy we will ask you for the rebuild cost of your home.

If you are not sure how much it would cost to rebuild your home then you can either have a rebuild cost assessment carried out by a Chartered Surveyor (which some insurers prefer) or you can use the house rebuild cost calculator below.

Rebuild Cost Calculator

How do I get a Quote for Second Home Insurance?

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