AccessibilityUsing the InsuraWorld website

The InsuraWorld website has been designed to work on updated web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari Apple across a number of different devices including Desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The majority of InsuraWorld’s website should function on different or earlier versions of these web browsers, however, if you do have any difficulty please call our customer services team, who will be happy to help you.

If you are having difficulty reading the website many modern web-browsers allow you to zoom in on the page in order to make the text bigger.

The use of Javascript

The InsuraWorld website uses javascript, so to ensure that you are viewing the website properly you will need to make sure javascript is enabled on your browser. If the website is not rendering correctly you can try using a different browser, or if you feel comfortable to do so, you can re-install your active web browser to see if this rectifies the problem.

If you are still experiencing problems on the InsuraWorld website

If the problem persists, our customer services team is happy to help you. Make sure you take a note of any error messages you may be receiving on the browser, as well as the URL of the page that is faulty, along with the time and date that you tried to access the site. Then give us a call or send us an email.