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1. Do I have to declare (tell people about) my convictions?

2. How does a conviction become spent?

3. After what “rehabilitation period” do certain sentences become spent?




1.Do I have to declare (tell people about) my convictions?

If you have an “unspent” conviction then yes, you must declare this to employers and insurers. If you have a “spent” conviction, then you do not need to declare this to employers or insurers. It is important to note that some convictions can never become “spent”.

2. How does a conviction become spent?

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) or “ROA” allows some criminal convictions to become “spent”, or ignored, after a “rehabilitation period”. The “ROA” was most recently amended in October 2023 by the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill “PCSC” which shortened the “rehabilitation period” for some convictions.

A rehabilitation period is a set length of time from the date of conviction. After this period, with certain exceptions, an ex-offender is not normally obliged to mention the conviction when applying for a job or obtaining insurance, or when involved in criminal or civil proceedings.

3.After what “rehabilitation period” do certain sentences become spent?

The length of the “rehabilitation period” depends on the sentence given, not the offence committed.

For a custodial sentence, the length of time actually served is irrelevant – the “rehabilitation period” is decided by the original sentence.

The new rehabilitation periods with effect from 28/10/2023 are as follows:

Sentence Adults Under 18’s
(Adult) Community Order End of the order N/A
Youth Rehabilitation Order N/A End of the order
Prison sentence of 1 year or less Sentence + 1 year Sentence + 6 months
Prison sentence of more than 1 year and up to 4 years Sentence + 4 years Sentence + 2 years
Prison sentence of more than 4 years ** Sentence + 7 years Sentence + 3.5 years

** excludes serious sexual, violent or terrorist offences.

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