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InsuraTrip’s Travel Insurance Guide

Why Choose InsuraTrip?

After booking your holiday abroad, it is important to make sure you purchase an appropriate Travel Insurance policy that meets your needs and will cover as many aspects of your travel plans as possible. Key areas you may want to check include whether the level of cancellation cover will cover the cost of your holiday in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason.

Similarly, it is important that the Emergency Medical Expenses cover is suitable for your needs. Medical costs in other countries, particularly in the USA, can be incredibly expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds or even more if you are unfortunate enough to need emergency medical treatment while on your trip. It is also important to ensure any pre existing medical conditions you, or family members on the policy, may have are declared and covered by the policy just in case you need medical treatment for them while you are away.

Here at InsuraTrip, we can offer 3 levels of Travel Insurance coverage: Standard, Extra, and Super.

For InsuraTrip Single Trip Travel Insurance, the policy features are the same for three levels of cover, but for the Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy, the policy feature differs on different levels of cover. To view a full summary of the policy cover, please click here.

Policy Features

Single Trip Policy Features

  Standard Extra Super
Maximum age at date of departure 69 69 69
Maximum period per trip if aged 18-54 90 days 90 days 90 days
Maximum period per trip if aged 55-59 60 days 60 days 60 days
Maximum period per trip if aged 60-69 45 days 45 days 45 days

Annual Multi-Trip Policy Features

Maximum age at start date of the period of cover shown on your policy certificate 69 69 69
Maximum period per trip if aged 59 years or under 22 days 32 days* 32 days*
Maximum period per trip if aged 60 to 69 years 22 days 32 days** 32 days**
Business travel included Yes Yes Yes
Trips within your country of residence (refer to definition of trip for further information) Included Included Included
Family member(s) can travel separately if named on your policy certificate No No Yes
Winter sports (Activity Pack 5) – upon payment of an additional premium and shown on your policy certificate – up to a total maximum of No No Yes

* Available to extend up to 45 days or 60 days for an additional premium
** Available to extend to 45 days for an additional premium

Sports & Activities

Make sure you pick a travel insurance policy that covers you for any sports and/or activities that you wish to partake in whilst you are on holiday – even if you haven’t pre-planned any activities, have a think about any that you may decide to do whilst abroad.

Both of our InsuraTrip Single and Annual Multi Trip holiday insurance policies include cover for 100 exciting sports and activities as standard. Check our Sports and Activities List to view what activities you are covered on our InsuraTrip policies.

Some activities will be covered within travel insurance policies as standard, but for more dangerous and hazardous activities and those with increased risk of injury like snowboarding, an additional premium may need to be paid to have cover.

Additional Cover Options

We offer three Options that can be added onto your travel policy, either Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip, as a "top-up", for additional cover. This gives you the ability to tailor the insurance policy to meet your needs and ensure that you are properly insured whilst on your travels, giving you peace of mind.

These are the following policy options InsuraTrip can offer:

  • Sports Cover if you are intending on doing sports not included in activity pack 1 on your trip
  • Cruise Cover for extra cruise related benefits if your trip involves going on a cruise

To view more information on our Optional Covers, click here.